Adding Scale to Mezzanine File Mastering

While the NexGuard Pre-Release product family has long supported the individual watermarking of files in our stand-alone File Embedder or via one of our transcoder plug-ins, the creation of more than a few uniquely watermarked versions of each mezzanine file can be time-consuming and costly.

Introducing 2-Step Watermarking


The pre-processor calculates watermark data placement throughout the file and saves this in an intermediate format


When a uniquely-serialized file is needed, a payload is generated by the NexGuard Manager and passed to the Smart Embedder


The Smart Embedder adds the unique identifier to the file as it is written to disk

NexGuard File Delivery At a Glance

Works On Premises

The entire 2-step process can be run on one appliance in your datacenter.
  • The File Embedder appliance is sold as a turn-key solution.
  • Each uniquely-watermarked file is delivered using your standard tools

...or in the Cloud

With your custom file delivery solution or a partner such as Aspera, you can integrate the watermarking step with the delivery of the file to the client.
  • Use the Preprocessor to generate the intermediate file
    • This happens exactly once for each mezzanine and can run anywhere
  • Transfer the intermediate file to your cloud-based delivery network
  • The unique watermark payload is applied to each file as it is being downloaded to the client


  • Pre-processoring can be parallelized for faster creation of intermediate files

  •  Smart Embedder enables quick generation of a uniquely-watermarked mezzanines

  • Manage recipient lists, job history and watermark IDs in the NexGuard Manager

  • Integrate Delivery with third party solutions via API


  • Uniquely-watermarked files generated at disk I/O speed

  • 360 degree view of watermarking activities

  • Seamless integration with existing workflows


File Delivery Workflow



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