On-the-fly Video Watermarking for Content Distribution

We have introduced the NexGuard File Delivery product to quickly generate multiple uniquely watermarked files from one source file.
The NexGuard File Delivery product is using a two-step process, creating first an intermediate version of the mezzanine file and then generating on-the-fly during file transfer a uniquely watermarked variant, drastically reducing the processing time of a one-to-many file delivery.
The NexGuard File Delivery product can be enabled in Aspera Faspex (for on-the-fly watermarking workflow) or used standalone (for inventory based watermarking workflow).

Introducing 2-Step Watermarking


The pre-processor calculates watermark data placement throughout the file and saves this in an intermediate format


When a uniquely-serialized file is needed, a payload is generated by the NexGuard Manager and passed to the NexGuard plugin running in Aspera Faspex.


The NexGuard plugin running in Aspera Faspex adds the unique identifier to the file as it is transfered via Aspera.

NexGuard File Delivery At a Glance


  • Aspera FASP-enabled plugin for high speed asset delivery

  • 2-step watermarking workflow consisting of a single per asset preprocessing, followed by an instanteous watermark embedding at file delivery

  • Watermarking job and file transfer metadata stored in the NexGuard Manager

  • Fully integrated with the NexGuard Detection Service

  • Nexguard forensic watermarking technology optimized for best robustness and imperceptibiltiy for pre-released and pre-aired content


  • Tight integration into Aspera for seamless forensic watermarking as video files are transferred at high speed

  • Unique watermarking during file delivery at file transfer speed

  • Centralized database for 360-degree view of all NexGuard watermarking activities

  • One single entry point for NexGuard forensic watermarking detections

  • Proven forensic watemrakring technology deployed by Nexguard at Studios and Content Owners for the past 10 years

File Delivery Workflow


Download the Datasheet