Real-Time Watermarking of JPEG2000 Video For Your Workflow

As the JPEG2000 video standard is being adopted by studios and broadcasters for mezzanine, archive and digital delivery workflows, the need has arisen for hardware-accelerated forensic watermarking.

A Powerful Team

By partnering with Image Matters, a leader in JPEG2000 encoding solutions, we are able to bring the power of NexGuard Pre-Release to J2K video, at speeds from real-time (for 4K video at 30fps) to several times faster than the run-time.



 Supports all the new features of the NexGuard FileEmbedder:

  • Multi-layer watermarking
  • Auto-key selection
  • Fast QC
  • Full REST API for automation

Why Wait?

Watermark UHD content (4K@30fps) in real-time, HD and SD video runs many times faster.

NexGuard JPEG2000 Solutions At a Glance


  • Stand-alone solution for JPEG2000 video in MXF or IMF containers
  • Scalable system driven from central NexGuard Manager server via API or GUI
  • Manager database stores work orders, file recipients and watermark identifiers
  • Forensic Detector Station available or investigation via NexGuard web portal


  • Robust even after camcording, video format conversion, rotation and compression
  • Simple integration with other workflow systems.
  • Simple and secure support for forensic investigation, reporting and job management
  • IMF metadata is correctly managed via integrated OpenCube libraries

Why IMF?

The IMF (Interoperable Master Format) standard has been ratified by SMPTE to define a common way to package the assets that make up a movie or TV episode.

Among other advantages, the primary reasons for adopting the standard are:

  • Single, interchangeable master file format
  • Automated packaging & delivery
  • Minimize storage
  • Simplify post production transcodes

Here’s an excellent introduction to IMF:


Introducing a New Solution for Watermarking IMF During Mastering

Rohde & Schwarz have created a plug-in for the Clipster Mastering Station which enables watermarking file-to-file workflows. Taken together with the NexGuard File Embedder, there is now a complete solution for individualization of IMF packages for both the master and distribution versions.