eScreeners: The Next Wave

As a content creator, you frequently need to securely circulate your latest project both inside and outside your organization prior to official release, whether for content edit, review or promotion.
For years, the most trusted solution has been watermarked DVDs, but their production can be time-consuming and costly, requiring DVD duplication and shipping. So, how can you shorten the time it takes to deliver your content without compromising on traceability in case of a leak?

Stream or Download

NexGuard Forensic Watermarking removes the need for physical disk distribution, as content can be safely streamed or downloaded to any device with a unique watermark applied to each item.

Quick Turnaround

With NexGuard, content can be shared instantly, removing shipping delays and production costs while maintaining strict content security.


Combined with a logging system, moving to eDelivery of screeners can also provide a high-value feedback loop on content usage by recipients.

Host in Your Own Network

The two-step eScreener workflow can be run entirely in your network, including preprocessing, storage of intermediate files, and embedding.

Take it to the Cloud

Run all or part of the solution in a hosted environment, such as AWS. Our floating license model allows unbounded scalability while remaining compatible with encrypted storage for enhanced security.

eScreener Workflow

NexGuard eScreener Solutions At a Glance


  • Imperceptible video watermark
  • Robust against camcorder capture and severe quality degradation
  • Native support for MPEG4 with AAC audio
  • Support for progressive download or ABR
  • Compatible with most encryption and DRM
  • Generation of watermarked files at disk I/O speed
  • Blind and fully-automated watermark detection


  • Explicitly track an illicit copy to the original recipient
  • Detectable regardless of how content is captured and redistributed
  • Seamless integration into OTT distribution workflows
  • Works with any screen: Connected TV, tablet, PC/Mac or handheld device
  • You determine the level of content security
  • Easily scale to millions of files
  • Fast automated process with no reference content required to detect


More details, including technical specs here.