Transcoder Solutions for Forensic Video & Audio Watermarking

Uniquely watermark video and audio files within your content prep workflow.

The simplest and most popular method of applying a forensic watermark for Pre-Release content is with a NexGuard plugin added to one of your transcoders. With minimal additional overhead, the watermark is added during the encoding phase.

Choose Your Own Toolset

We have partnered with the leading transcoder vendors to add NexGuard Forensic Watermarking as a plug-in (video and/or audio). Please check the datasheet for the latest update.

The Simplest Way to Watermark

Turn-Key Solution

Plug-ins are the simplest way to add a forensic watermark to video content.

Use the Tools You Know

Chances are, there is already a plug-in for one of the transcoders you have.

No Compatibility Issues

Add a watermark to any format your systems can produce.

Fixed or Floating Licenses

Fixed licenses are tied to a specific server while floating licenses can be shared amongst a group of transcoders.

How Does it All Work?

Seamless Integration

  • Watermark is applied as an image filter to YUV frames during transcode
  • Processing overhead for watermarking is minimal
  • Watermark ID can be assigned automatically (with integration to the NexGuard Manager)
  • Job data can be securely stored in the NexGuard manager forensic database

Download the Datasheet