Watermarking Over-the-Top Video

Video on Demand and TV Everywhere services are increasingly turning to industry-standard video streaming technologies to reach their customers. The reliance on app-based streaming on platforms from mobile phones and tablets to MVPD-issued set-top boxes and Smart TVs creates the opportunity to add forensic video watermarking at scale, while remaining compatible with those standard products. Server-side watermarking creates uniquely identified video on the fly while streaming content to any type of device.

Millions of Users

Individualization of the stream is done as part of manifest file generation, allowing for massive scale.

Adaptive Streaming

Support for SmoothStreaming, MPEG-DASH and HLS formats.


Use any encryption you like.

Supports CDN Edge Caching

Video is prepared once and can then be replicated to any private or commercial CDN for scalable distribution.

Server Side Video Watermarking

  • Watermarking Performed One Time
  • Content can be securely cached at the edge
  • NexGuard Smart Embedder creates unique payloads for each streaming session
  • Individualization of manifest file can be integrated with digital ad insertion or personalization
  • Supports Millions of Users

Watermarking During OTT Streaming

Server-side watermarking

What Are Our Customers Protecting with NexGuard Streaming?

Premium VOD

Studios are following the MovieLabs recommendations for protecting enhance and early-release VOD content. NexGuard Streaming has been deployed in Cable and Satellite backends as well as in premium VOD services delivering OTT.

TV Everywhere

Service operators are expanding their TV Everywhere offerings without sacrificing on content protection. NexGuard Streaming can protect both VOD and Live streams.

Live Sports

Bringing high-value sports to OTT streaming platforms is not without risk. Using NexGuard Streaming allows operators to protect their investment without impacting user experience.

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