Watermarking of Master Tapes

For the grizzled veteran of media industry workflows, the NexGuard Live Embedder is a reliable weapon in their arsenal. With the ability to watermark any video signal that passes through it, it’s a Swiss Army Knife for forensic watermarking.

Tape Abides

If you were taking bets on when tape workflows would disappear, you haven’t collected yet.

Files? Tapes? No Problem

We’ve always called this the Live Embedder because everything that passes through the HD-SDI interface is watermarked, regardless of whether you are going from Tape-to-Tape, Tape-to-File, File-to-Tape or ?-to-?.

Let's Get Visible

Add a visible “spoiling” mark, such as a logo, timecode, customer name or unique number at the same time the invisible forensic watermark is added.

SD/HD-SDI or Dual-Link 444

Regardless of how your source and destination are connected, the Live Embedder is one of our most flexible solutions.

A Complete Solution

The NexGuard LiveEmbedder has been faithfully working away in studio and post-house datacenters for years. Our customers know that for reliability, performance and flexibility, it’s hard to beat.

Live Embedder flow

The LiveEmbedder at a Glance


  • Robust and imperceptible digital watermark
  • Identify the original recipient of a given tape copy
  • Solution available for SD, HD and 444 interfaces
  • Visible overlay with semi transparent logo, text strings and timecode
  • NexGuard Manager tracks work orders, content description,  and recipients


  • Deterrent against illicit redistribution of content delivered on tape
  • Workflows up to 444 dual-link HD-SDI for HDCAM SR* tapes
  • Visible marking simultaneous with watermarking
  • Seamless definition of tape duplication jobs, recipient selection, and database queries
  • Efficient investigation