Stand-Alone Video Watermarking for Mezzanine Files

In the post-production industry, high resolution video files are often circulated well in advance of consumer release of the particular content. Should there be a breakdown in security, it is essential that the content owner be able to trace a leak back to the source.

Stand-Alone Operation

The NexGuard File Embedder adds a unique, imperceptible video watermark to each copy of the content. This serial numbering process is fully automated and scalable – all driven by the central NexGuard Manager server and its secure database of watermarking data.


Performance Boost (over the previous version)

Plays Well With Others

The File Embedder performs quick watermarking for selected video file formats and easily interfaces with third party workflow management or media asset management (MAM) applications through the available REST API.

4K Video

ProRes up to 4K resolution.


Take Control

Use the fully-featured REST API to manage the entire watermarking process.

A Modular Solution

The file-embedder is purpose-built for mezzanine file formats. Take advantage of our modular architecture and only buy the file formats you need.

See What's New in Version 2.20

Redesigned user interface makes job creation simpler
Multi-layer watermarking with automated “overmark” detection
Auto-key selection can be used to simplify multi-layer watermarking
Fast QC runs after each job to quickly verify the payload



  • Stand-alone solution for commonly used file formats
  • Driven from central NexGuard Manager server via API or GUI
  • Database stores work orders, file recipients and watermark identifiers
  • File Delivery option available for multi-copy creation


  • Robust even after camcording, transcode, cropping, rotation, or compression
  • Simple integration with other workflow systems
  • Fixed or floating license options to meet any client need
  • Simple and secure support for job management and forensic investigation

What About Watermarking Mezzanines in Bulk?

Ramp Up Mezzanine Watermarking

The File Delivery option for NexGuard enables watermarking of mezzanine files at massive scale.