Video Watermarking in a Consumer Device

Watermarking of B2C content is straightforward and highly scalable when the watermarking engine is deployed inside a set-top box or Smart TV. While the notion of deploying such software may seem daunting, it is in fact made achievable through NexGuard’s unmatched partner ecosystem. By combining forces with the leading manufacturers of chipsets for set-tops and TVs, the addition of watermarking in the home is a reality.

No Video Preparation Needed

In a device-based implementation, the watermark is inserted as part of the video output chain. This means that no special preparation of the video content is required before or during transmission. It also means that any video being played by that device can be watermarked, regardless of its source.

No Limits

Regardless of output resolution, NexGuard’s forensic watermark remains imperceptible and very robust. This means 480, 1080p, UHD and even HDR video are compatible.


4K Video

 Studios are mandating forensic watermarking for delivery of 4K and early-release content. With NexGuard-equipped devices in your customer ecosystem, this is no problem.

Hybrid Solutions

Accelerate the rollout of 4K VOD services to your customers by partnering with Smart TV vendors offering watermarking in the device.

Complete Traceability

Because the watermark is added to the video before output, it addresses all forms of capture, including
  • Camcording from the screen
  • HDMI (even if HDCP is cracked)
  • Analog video outputs

Protect Live Sports Revenue

Incremental revenue from Live Sports subscriptions and Pay-per-View is jeopardized by the rise of online streaming piracy. When watermarked, however, these streams can be traced back to the original source and shut off, while the event is still happening.

Extremely Flexible Payload

  • Embed unique device ID or SmartCard ID in the watermark
  • Include model or software version info
  • No personally-identifiable information
  • Compatible with strictest privacy laws

Compatible with Any Video Source

Cable, Satellite or IP Broadcast

The PayTV signal is watermarked as it is played out on the TV, whether Live or from DVR.

OTT Streaming to an App

Any content delivered via app to the STB or TV can be watermarked to include an app ID and the unique device or session ID.

Our Partners Make it Easy

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