A Digital Legacy

NexGuard, Kudelski Group, is a leading provider of forensic watermarking technology and solutions for protecting media content against illicit redistribution.

We offer an extensive portfolio of industry-leading digital watermarking tools for Pre-Release, Digital Cinema, B2B and B2C distribution.

The development and widespread adoption of broadband internet, new TV distribution platforms, and enabled devices has made it easier than ever for content owners to reach their audiences, and for consumers to access and consume multimedia content whenever and wherever they choose.

In this new media universe, in which content is constantly getting easier to obtain, save, mash up, share and stream, the potential for illegal copies of content to become accessible for free or outside the scope of a subscription is preventing rights holders and – ultimately consumers – from fully benefiting. Securing media content and setting innovative management systems has become paramount for all the players in the media eco-system, from content owners, rights holders, distributors, and marketers/advertisers to end-users, in helping to build sustainable business streams.

Who are we?

Civolution was  formed in October 2008 as a spin-off of Royal Philips Electronics.  In August 2008, Philips Content Identification, a business unit of Philips Electronics, assumed full ownership of its joint venture Teletrax. The combined entity was spun out of Philips in October giving birth to Civolution.

In July 2009, Civolution took over the Software and Technology Solution from Thomson (Thomson STS), formerly Nextamp.

In December 2014, WPP’s Kantar Media acquired Civolution’s SyncNow audio watermarking unit supporting Audience Measurement and Second Screen synchronization applications.

Following the Kantar Media acquisition, Civolution announced the launch of two separate business units, NexGuard and Teletrax.  NexGuard is the world leader in watermarking technology and solutions for protecting media content against illicit redistribution.

On July 8th, 2016, the Kudelski Group, world leader in digital security, announced the acquisition of 100% of NexGuard Labs BV (formerly Civolution BV). This move expands the Kudelski Group’s portfolio of end-to-end content protection security solutions, enriching the existing offer to content owners and pay-TV operators.


What do we do?

Based on watermarking technologies, NexGuard offers an extensive range of products and solutions to help media content owners, rights holders and distributors to protect and manage their assets throughout the entire lifecycle, from the Pre-Release stage through Digital Cinema, B2B and B2C distribution.

Why are we unique?

NexGuard draws on more than fifteen years of engineering development and market experience to bring the most robust content identification technologies to the industry. Its watermarking technologies are proven and are already widely used by the largest media owners in the world.

NexGuard protects high value content throughout its entire lifecycle, which encompasses Pre-Release, Digital Cinema, B2B and B2C distribution.

NexGuard is the only company offering such a wide range of applications on a global scale with such a deeply established level of personal and professional service and support.

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